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Introducing .... The Hexmen 20 Feb 2015

Our 'Track Of The Day' is a band founded by frontman, vocalist and harmonica player George Hexman in the late 70's, joining forces with major movers and shakers of the Liverpool music scene. Although they have always been known as a Blues band, The Hexmen’s material is not that easy to categorise. The band’s music is Blues based certainly but the defining quality of The Hexmen has always been energy with an aggressive, indie edge and a psychedelic undercurrent that lends extra dimensions to the music. The current band members have an exciting pedigree. George himself (also a much sought after session Blues harp player) - on guitar Ian Fuller, one of the UK's foremost Blues guitarists who has played alongside some of the greats including Steve Gibbons - and bass player Mike Cain and Mat Shaw on drums who previously gigged together for over 25 years before joining The Hexmen.