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Introducing .... Swampgrass 18 March 2015

Today's 'Track Of The Day' is firmly rooted in Blues but borrows from Swing, Funk, Heavy Rock, Soul and Jazz. Yes our 'Introducing ...' feature is Swampgrass who are: Sharon Honeywell – Vocals, Dru Franks – Drums, George Engelen – Sax, Graeme Warner – Trumpet, Andy Barnett – Bass and Al Cosnett – Harmonica! The band’s first single 'Little Things' was released on iTunes last October and has gained airplay across the UK and in the USA where it has been on rotation on some Blues stations since release. A live album was also recorded in October and is almost ready for release. The guys also did a number of Festivals in 2014 including: Godney Gathering, Headlander Manchester, Glastonbury, Sat in a Field and Wookey!


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