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Introducing ....... Steelyard 6 March 2015

Both our 'Track Of The Day' and our 'Introducing .....' feature are dedicated today to Steelyard - a band formed after the success of the Steelyard Blues Duo when they decided to expand and include a rhythm section to give them greater variety and add other dimensions to their sound. With Sara Cotton on vocals and guitar, they are influenced by Joplin, Mayall, Clapton, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers and Gallagher. Steelyard has been extremely successful and the band has gigged at many European Blues Festivals particulary in the UK, Holland and Germany. They've also supported many famous Blues and Rock artists such as The Yardbirds, Spencer Davis Group, Fernando Nohrona, Connie Lush, Kosmic Blue, Sherman Roberton, Johnny Sansome and Mike Sanchez.


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