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Introducing ..... King Of The North 7/6/17

Our thanks to WRC member Wrinkly The Silver Fox for introducing us to King Of The North (today's Vid Of The Day) - a Hard Rock duo from Australia. The band comprises Andrew Higgs (guitar/vocals) and Steve Tyssen (drums/back up vocals). Their intense live shows and powerful brand of modern Rock has blazed a new trail in the two-piece band format. The uniqueness of KOTN is created by Andrew’s pioneering of the '3 from 1 guitar pedal'. This pedal creates the sound of 2 guitars plus a bass from just one guitar. It can sound like all three playing together or all separate lead, rhythm and bass sounds. First timers are often left looking for the extra guitarists amidst the wall of sound. Known for as dynamic live act, King Of The North play everything live, there are no pre-recorded noises or samples used live or on their recordings. All sounds come from two voices, guitar and drums!


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