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Introducing - Jamie Lee Vessels 27/5/18

Jamie Lynn Vessels is a Rock and Blues artist with her roots in songwriting. 'Storm Coming' is Jamie Lynn's' new Blues-Rock album, released just over a month ago, a collection of 14 songs, which Vessels refers to as “Blues-based roots Rock”, which includes today's Track Of The Day 'Dear Love'. Likened to Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow, this six-foot tall rocker captivates the audience and commands the stage. She has embraced New Orleans as her musical hometown, and the city has done her the same, affording her the opportunity to add grit and soul to her style and music. There is something undeniable about her songs and musical appeal... whatever your taste, Jamie's voice and presence will capture you. Her music is Soulful, Bluesy, filled with intricate lyrics and beautiful stories, and delivers a stunningly intoxicating ride of Rock 'n' Roll.

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