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Introducing ... Black Market Aftermath 7/8/17

Black Market Aftermath sprouted from the mind of Francesco D’Andrea, Film & TV Composer in the daytime, guitarist and songwriter at night. We first saw BMA supporting Massive at The Proud in Camden in June this year (pictured) and their album 'Come Naked' is the band's first musical experiment. Before founding his current project with Black Market Aftermath, Francesco's music has been featured in many award winning shows and movies, such as “Dr. House”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Mad Men”, “Spaghetti Story”, “Glee”, “How I Met Your Mother” and many more. The boxer punching hard the other one on their album cover is Francesco's grandfather, who was a professional and very good boxer, and to whom the album is dedicated. Anyway, check out our 'Introducing ...' page here and today's Track Of The Day!

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