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Introducing ...... Audial 12 May 2015

Introducing .... our Vid Of The Day and UK band Audial featuring David Domminney Fowler (2014 WRC Award winners Australian Pink Floyd, ex. Juice & Domminney), Dean Howard (ex. T'Pau, Ian Gillan Band, Bad Company, Toby Jepson & Air Race), Jason Sawford (Australian Pink Floyd), Andres Luengo (Juice, Toby Jepson), Ricky Dean Howard (guest bass & vocals) and Sarah Bayley. They started recording in Rogue Studios, Germany, in November 2013 after David (pictured) made (and resurrected) some demos and played them to various musician friends - and Audial was born. Their album 'Perceived Through The Sense Of Hearing' including samples - if you haven't heard it before - are available here.

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