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Introducing ...... A Life Divided 29/12/19

Imagine you could send your latest favourite Rock record on a journey through time and into the past - what would it sound like? That's exactly what A Life Divided had in mind when creating their new album 'Echoes', due to be released next month on Friday 31st January (Video Of The Day). After German radio hits, an award for the best newcomer from one of the biggest German radio stations, tours with Apocalyptica and Eisbrecher, as well as sold out headliner club tours, their blend of Rock music with electronic elements, consisting of vocalist and songwriter Jürgen Plangger (also guitarist for Eisbrecher), guitarist Tony Berger (ex-Lacrimas Profundere) and bass player Tobias Egger, as well as songwriter Erik Damköhler, are well known across all scenes.

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