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Incursion Interview 15/4/21

Incursion join today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to play and talk about their new EP, 'The Hunter' (pictured), plus there's new releases from SpellForger, Dixie Goat, Internal Organs External, Bodom After Midnight, From The Abyss, Esoctrilihum, Ewig Frost, Grave Miasma, Inception Of Eternity, Eternal Champion, Smoulder, Possessed Steel, Skeleton Cru, Thraximundar, Wode, Ancient Unknown, Minneriket, Renegade Angel, Steel Bearing Hand, Ligature Marks, Plaguewielder, Pressure, The Word66, and some classics, by request, from Iron Maiden, Aboleth and Zeal & Ardor.


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