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In With A Bullet 7/7/19

Explosive Swedish classic Heavy Metal five-piece Bullet (Video Of The Day) released their first ever live album, ‘Live’, on Steamhammer/SPV on Friday. The band were formed in Växjö in 2001 by vocalist Hell Hofer and guitarist Hampus Klang, and released their sixth studio album, ‘Dust To Gold’ in April 2018 to huge acclaim. Bullet’s incendiary live set has been keenly honed down from touring most European countries several times, opening for AC/DC in front of 55,000 people in 2009 and performing at some of Europe’s most prestigious festivals. Consisting also of Alexander Lyrbo (guitars), Gustav Hector (bass) and Gustav Hjortsjö (drums), 'Live’, contains a ‘best-of’ mix of Bullet’s exhilarating melodious Rock anthems.

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