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In For A Penny Tonite! 12/5/18

"Another classic stock Blues Rock riff launches Matthews & Seager's 'Mynah Bird' - its sentiment all very un PC - but boy is she a nightmare and she can take you down with one word, a track that gives Gary licence for some groovy guitar moves plus some great diction from Adam in the mould of his old mucker - the legend that is Nicky Moore. Stocker continues the pub crawl with the succinct Blues of 'When I Get Drunk' - its premise - why spend your money on a cab or even the bus when you can use the money to have another drink? Well we'll drink to that, as Stocker and Seager's melancholic 'AM Blues' is all about the morning after - no time to feel sorry for yourself, although Seager's guitar work goes a long way to curing that hangover."

Read AJ's complete take on Bad Pennies latest album 'Songs From The Medway Delta' here plus you can also see the guys live at Sidcup's Iron Horse in Kent tonight!

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