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Immortal Empyre 10/11/17

Empyre have recently released their version of 'My Immortal' (Video Of The Day) by Evanescence. The four-piece perform intense, atmospheric Rock, with a dark and introspective edge to their writing. In the words of BBC Introducing their music ranges from “Triumphant, chest beating Rock” to more subtle but just as arresting numbers inviting you to do the deepest of soul searching. Having carved out a vibrant online presence, a strong fan base, an intense sound, coupled with a live show that has fans transfixed with their ferocious musicianship and a captivating lead vocal, Empyre are clearly on an near vertical upwards trajectory. Passion, performance, heart and soul are what drives these midlanders on, a place steeped in Rock and Metal history, once again putting it on the map, letting people know the shows not over.


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