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Images, Words & Beyond 26/4/17

"The musicianship was exemplary, as we have come to expect, and it was time to slow things down a bit. John Myung is the quiet man of the band but is up there with the best in terms of his bass playing. This was now showcased in his rendition of a bass composition by Jaco Pastorius called 'Portait of Tracy'. The quiet didn't last too long though as he finished off by launching into 'As I Am'. This is from their most Metal of albums 'Train of Thought' and they never sounded more like Metallica than they did on that album. Just to reinforce that opinion, they even inserted a chorus from 'Enter Sandman' before the end of the song! The conclusion of Act 1 was 'Breaking All Illusions' from drummer Mike Mangini's debut album 'A Dramatic Turn of Events'. Time for a breather!"

Read the whole of Steve P's Dream Theater Hammersmith Apollo gig review from Sunday here.

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