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Iamthemorning Courtyard Review 4/10/19

"For the sake of German/Russian relations, Semkina dedicated the quirky 'Matches', with Kolyadin's outstanding bar room piano vibe, to Germany's Riverside fans! This was the first of three songs taken from 'Lighthouse' which won Album of the Year at the 2016 Progressive Music Awards, the others being the Mike Oldfield/Steven Wilson influenced eargasm 'Sleeping Pills' plus 'Libretto Horror' - Marjana sitting down on the stage after her Enya like vocal, admiring the band's intense tango feel outro. It was now time to debut the new album. In fact, to be precise, they played 80% of 'The Bell', beginning with the gorgeous, artful, haunting, powerful and melancholic 'Freak Show', which, understandably, was well received by the very hot, but appreciative audience. Semkina covered her eyes to see into said crowd, before her sweet vocal hit the spot on 'Sleeping Beauty', which melded into 'Blue Sea', which saw Marjana picking up her acoustic guitar for the first time, consequently dueting with her guitarist on this stunningly beautiful composition."

Today read the whole of AJ's Iamthemorning gig review here following their headline show at London's Courtyard Theatre Studio on Tuesday night plus check out today's Video Of The Day.

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