I'll Die For You 29/9/18

Initially born as a one-off musical extravaganza between two Norwegian Metal and Hard Rock giants, Trond Holter (ex-Wig Wam) and vocalist Jorn Lande, the duo's Dracula Rock Opera has now morphed into a full-time musical project with guitarist, producer and songwriter Holter at the helm. With an outstanding line-up featuring singers Nils K Rue (Pagan’s Mind) and Eva Iselin Erichsen, Bernt Jansen on bass, Per Morten Bergseth on drums and Erling Henanger on keyboards, ‘Vlad The Impaler’ (see today's 'I'll Die For You' Video Of The Day) starts where 2015's ‘Swing Of Death’ left off. It is an album that gets straight to the point while simultaneously utilising diverse musical landscapes and it includes memorable melodic songs in a similar style to its predecessor. Think Savatage meets Meat Loaf meets Queen meets Alice Cooper with contemporary Hard Rock in the mix. The album will be released on Friday 9th November, with a special release show the following night in Halden, Norway, with more shows planned that include an appearance in May 2019 at the Karmøygeddon Festival.