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Hurricanes And Halos 28/2/17

Sweden's Doom darlings Avatarium are back with their third studio album and once again, singer Jennie-Ann Smith and her gentlemen cast a spell over you with a truly magical sound experience - 'Hurricanes And Halos' will take the world by storm on Friday May 26th and contains eight majestic new tracks. Once again, the band rely on beauty and darkness, heavy guitars and fragile sounds, unique female vocals and the mystic vintage Blues sound from the 60's, while still staying on modern ground and trusting into the haunting soul of Doom Rock. Six out of the eight new tracks were forged by Candlemass wizard Leif Edling, but guitar master Marcus Jidell and singer Jennie-Ann Smith also contributed to the songwriting and formed a worthy successor to 'The Girl With The Raven Mask' (Vid Of The Day) - an album that topped multiple soundchecks in 2015 and brought them the 'Up And Coming'-award from German Metal Hammer.

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