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HRH Spring Break 2021 24/3/20

Being positive and looking forward, Hard Rock Hell Spring Break, takes place next year at Camp HRH in Great Yarmouth, over the long weekend of 10th - 14th March, boasting 3 arenas and 60 bands playing over multiple genres including AOR, Glam, Sleaze, NWOCR, Metal, Stoner, Pirate, NWOCM and the return of a full-on NWOBHM pre-party featuring Vardis, Tygers of Pan Tang and Tank. Also including headliners Kingdom Come, Reckless Love and Evil Scarecrow, it's going to be a wall-shaking, ground-blistering, high decibel cycle of pure HRH Rock 'n' Metal at its best… get ready for mayhem!


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