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HRH Psych 13/6/20

For those of you who love to dream - to experiment – and take a journey with an underground style of sound and vision - welcome to the very first HRH Psych - a truly unique 2-day, 3-arena event which will make its debut next year at the iconic Liverpool Arts Club over the weekend of 17th/18th April. Take the very best of all ends of the Psych-Rock spectrum, add in some Stoner, Acid, Fuzz and experimental sounds and you have a musical sensation waiting to be unleashed over The Psych Stage, The Stoner Stage and The Garage, Experimental and New Psych Sounds Stage. Immerse yourself and witness over 40 bands performing some amazing sounds and experimental journeys that will take any music lover out of their comfort zone. This is for people in the know and those who want to plunge themselves into unchartered musical territory.

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