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HRH Countdown Continues - Vambo 5/11/18

"Following on are what can best be described as the explosion that is Vambo. The Epsom four-piece have exploded onto the scene with airplay on Planet Rock and shows both home and abroad. Indeed, following the set, the band are off to Hungary to do a couple of shows in the homeland of guitarist Pete Lance. Vambo are a great young band influenced by the Rock bands of the seventies. Lance's searing guitar goodness - a Les Paul through a fantastic Kemper modelling amp - are pure rocky filth and goodness and he show some considerable skills up and down the fretboard. Vocalist Jack Stiles, taking his looks and styling from 70's legend Roy Wood of Wizard, has an extremely powerful voice. Their closing track - a copy of Deep Purple's 'Burn' - showcases what final vocal talents he has. You don't cover such iconic Rock tracks like that lightly and he nailed it." That was part of our take on Vambo at London's Stone Free Festival at The O2 Arena in June this year and in our HRH Countdown - the guys (Video Of The Day and who we also interviewed here) are on stage this Friday 9th November at 2pm.

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