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HRH 12 Day Two Review 11/11/18

"Opening with 'Thunderbolt', the band seamlessly wove their fabric of awesomeness. Then a setlist including 'Sacrifice', 'Nosferatu', classics like 'Motorcycle Man' and 'Strong Arm Of The Law', got the crowd jumping and pumping. They also paid tribute to Lemmy and co, who greatly supported them in their early years, by playing their Motorhead tribute track "Rock And Roll'. The well received track resulted in a member of the crowd pitching his denim waistcoat, adorned with Motorhead patches, onto the stage. Frontman Biff picks it up, don's it over his trademark trenchcoat, and precedes to sing 'And The Bands Played On' and 'Crusader' adorned in it. A remarkable touch from Biff was the trouble he took to sign the waistcoat before returning it to the delighted owner. Class act."

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