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HRH 12 Day Three Review 13/11/18

"Stage 1 gets our interest as we live the delights of our youth, or even our parents youth, as John Coghlan's Quo take to the stage. The eponymous Coghlan, long time drummer for the denimed giants, has put together a 4 piece that brings a raft of Quo classics back to enjoy again. Opening with 'Caroline', the band play some near note perfect renditions of 'Roll Over Lay Down', '(April), Spring Summer and Wednesdays', 'Break The Rules' and 'Paper Plane' as well as the original 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men' which is 50 years old this year. Emerging from behind his drumkit, Coghlan addresses the raptured crowd and remembers the much missed Rick Parfitt with a heartfelt round of applause from the audience. And in his memory they played the festival defining 'Rain' before raising the bar again with 'Big Fat Mumma', 'Rocking All Over the World' and closer 'Down Down'. Great songs that I defy anybody not to "shake it all about" to."

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