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House Of Shakira's Radiocarbon 13/11/19

Due to be released on Friday 6th December, 'Radiocarbon’ is the ninth studio album by Swedish Melodic Hard Rock act House Of Shakira (today's Video Of The Day). With Pontus Norgren (of Hammerfall) on production duties, it shows them operating at the top of their game. Originally formed in Stockholm in the early 1990’s, House Of Shakira have a unique sound that stands out amongst other bands in their genre as they craft Melodic Hard Rock of the highest quality with vocals that soar, melodies that rise and guitars that link everything together, making for a great listening experience. The diversity of their music and lyrics means that the band do not fall under the standard classification of Hard Rock and they have a truly cross-genre Rock appeal. Their motto is to “try every idea with an open mind", meaning that each member of the group contributes their personal ideas: writing the lyrics, rhythm patterns, chord changes and crafting those special melodies.

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