Hot 'N' Heavy 30/5/19

Hot ’n’ Heavy', the new studio album from Scarlet Aura released in March, heavily draws from Symphonic and Power Metal to Heavy Metal and stays within a unique sound and vision of the band. Today's Track Of The Day 'Hail To You!', taken from the album, is the combination of fast tempo, catchy guitar riffs, and powerful lyrics, together with powerful and touching vocals that could set 'Hail to You!' as the next Metal anthem for the new Metal generation. This is their fourth studio album, written and produced by Scarlet Aura guitar player and producer Mihai Danciulescu. A concept album, it's the first in the trilogy entitled 'The Book of Scarlet', which introduces listeners to the world of Scarlet Aura and explains with every song about the band and what it stands for.