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Hot Laundry Shake 16/11/20

Hailing from San Francisco, Hot Laundry's new single, and today's Track Of The Day, 'Shake', is a full throttle Rock 'n' Roll revolution via Die Laughing Records. Soulful lead singer Janette Lopez, rooted from Detroit, Michigan, brings her classic Motown style and her love for 1960's bad girl garage groups to the performance, that's also heavily influenced by MC5, The Stooges, 1970's east coast Punk Rock and Delta Blues. Also consisting of backup vocalists Ileath Bridges and Gena Serey, Grady Hord - guitar and keyboards, Casey Gallagher - bass and Mark Mortensen - drums, with lyrics reflecting hard work, hard times, love and dancing all night, Hot Laundry is Rock 'n' Roll for your soul.


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