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Hope And Triumph 11/9/21

On the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, former Yes keyboard legend, Tony Kaye, has released 'Hope And Triumph', the second track from his debut solo album 'End Of Innocence', which was released yesterday, and is also today's Video Of The Day. Kaye was moved to commit his thoughts and feelings to a heartfelt personal musical interpretation following the terrible events of 9/11. 'End Of Innocence' is a requiem for those who lost their lives and all those touched by those horrific events, a powerful and emotional suite, both beautiful and sinister, reflecting the dark forces at work that day. Indeed, Kaye’s response to 9/11 was to retrieve his keyboards, stored away in his garage for five years having retired from the music business, and begin to interpret his feelings in the only way he knew, through his music.


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