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Honest Man Review 16/3/17

"Next, it's time to break out the horn section for the title song 'Honest Man'. A personal song, telling of the artists struggles to make his own way in life ("Everybody's Just Serving Themselves, Nobody's Got Time fFor An Honest Man"). It's a great song with a great vocal and one of the album's highlights. If the title track has a great vocal, then track four, 'I'm Giving In' has a simply stunning one. Accompanied only with a piano, it's a sad song which has an almost hymn like quality, starting softly and building to the powerful mid-section before coming full circle. It's the song that perfectly demonstrates the artists vocal abilities and for me, is the stand out track on the CD. Track five, 'Quiet Company', brings a bit of Country into the Bluesy mix - it has a great melody and some subtle slide guitar to go along with that late night easy listening feel. After repeated plays it also reminded me somewhat of solo acoustic Springsteen in the 'Tom Joad, Devils and Dust' eras, which is by no means a bad thing. Another cracking song."

Read the whole of Phil C.'s 'Matt Andersen 'Honest Man' CD' review here plus check out today's Vid Of The Day.

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