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Hit 'N' Mizz Interview 6/8/21

Mizzie Maxx from Hit 'N' Mizz joins today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day for a live interview to play and talk about the band's music, plus there's new releases from Jet Jaguar, Rascal Whack, Grinder Blues, Old Grandad, Cassius King, Grave Length, Goose Vargis, Gorethrone, Sorrow Enthroned, Evoking Winds, Evil Spell, Battle of the Bands winners Pressure, Bjarte K. Helland, Aisles, Matt O'Connor, Thyrfing, Michael Fulkerson, and there's some classics, by request, from Skid Row, Juliette Lewis and Rock N Roll Villain Society.

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