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Hinkler's Moving On 8/8/18

The Mission’s Simon Hinkler is due to release his 'Moving On' EP on Friday 7th September on Correctitude Records. Simon was originally with The Mission for five years, through the first four albums, the chart hits, the extensive world tours, and the general insanity. He left in 1990 and went on to write solo pieces and soundtrack music, before releasing his second album under the name of "The Wing Commander" in 1992. The following three years were spent with a three-piece electronic band Mindfeel, before disappearing to the desert in New Mexico. It wasn't until 2005 that Simon re-appeared with his solo album 'Lose The Faith'. Since then he has returned to live in the UK after thirteen years in the US and reunited with The Mission for their 25th anniversary followed by a celebrated run of world tours, two new albums, a 30th anniversary, and most recently guesting on Alice Cooper’s five UK arena shows. Now, with the band taking a break, here is a varied collection of Simon’s songs spanning those years living in the back of beyond.


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