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Hesitation Wounds 8/8/22

Influenced by a whole range of contemporary artists, such as Nick Drake, Jackson Browne and Elliot Smith, earlier this year Caspar inked a deal with Lastman Music and consequently went into the studio to work on and hone the fourteen tracks that were to become his debut album, 'Hesitation Wounds', due to be released on Friday 19th August, of which the title track is today's Video Of The Day. Hailing from Dorset and described as a blend of original, traditional and contemporary styles, that fuse to create an emotional resonance and energy, Caspar was classically trained as a singer, although the enfant terrible in him incorporates flashes of Rock and Grunge into the flawless rhythms of a masterful first album. A spokesman for our times, as well as a unique musical talent, his songwriting shines through at live performances, as demonstrated last December when the 22 year-old went on the road with Birmingham's Broken Witt Rebels, grasping the opportunity to connect with a wider audience, drawing plaudits for his emotive lyrics and singing style.


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