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Hemina Romancing The Ether 15/7/23

Get ready to embark on a genre-bending journey with Australian Progressive Melodic Metal quartet Hemina's fifth album, 'Romancing The Ether', out on Friday 11th August on Bird's Robe Records, the epic conclusion to their conceptual story that has spanned their entire back catalogue, of which today's Video Of The Day, 'Revelations', is their first single taken from the new album. Explore the continuation of the adolescent's story from 'Night Echoes', the child of the characters developed in their previous albums, 'Synthetic Nebulae' and 'Venus', of which this final 35-minute track, divided into six movements, draws influences from Neo-Soul, World Music, Ambient and Psytrance. The result is a cathartic musical journey that is as uplifting as it is dark and visceral, featuring over 100 part choral vocal arrangements, and for the first time, live orchestral strings and 8-string guitars.

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