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Help 27/2/17

Papa Roach last week gave fans a taste of their forthcoming ninth album with a video for their new single ‘Help’ which is today's Vid Of The Day. The band, featuring Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (guitars), Tobin Esperance (bass) and Tony Palermo (drums), expect to release their new album in May. 'Help' was produced by Nicholas “Ras” Furlong and Colin Brittian, who grew up listening to Papa Roach and inspired the band to revisit some of their early influences. The band teased fans late last year with the viral release of 'Crooked Teeth' exciting fans all over the world who are expecting an album as dynamic as their classics 'Infest' and 'Getting Away with Murder'. Papa Roach will be heading out on a Canadian tour with Sum 41 during April, followed by a handful of US festival dates.


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