Heavy Stares 22/6/21

Taken from their upcoming album, 'Heavy Shoes', which will be released via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group on Friday 13th August, Indiana duo, The Cold Stares, have released the title track, which is the third and their heaviest yet, that is also today's Video Of The Day. There's a richness running through all the songs with dark, multi-layered narratives that course through every twist and turn. Dirty fuzzed-up Rock and Roll meet Blues, Garage, Desert Rock and a Southern Gothic sensibility. Sombre storytelling is etched into their songs with unflinching honesty. Indeed, for Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins, authenticity is their hallmark. Recorded largely at Sam Phillips Recording Studio, Memphis - with the remaining at their studio in Indiana - this Memphis vibe has seeped into the record, duly reflecting its music, history, people and Mississippi river.