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Having Your Cake And Eating It Too! 26 June 2015

ust hours before the gig - the eager anticipation of a night to remember was already palpable in The Blue Check Bar in Empire Way, Wembley - a plethora of Thunder and ZZ Top t-shirts proudly on display - reinforcing that feel good factor. The WRC not to be outdone - were out in force as well - the ranks bolstered by Route 66's Rory Auskerry and his brother Hamish (see our picture gallery here). To say we were not disappointed with the gig would be an understatement - in fact it exceeded our expectations - the consummate professionalism of Thunder with Danny Bowes at the helm who seem to get better every time we see them - and if ZZ Top are not the consummate of cool personified - then we would like to know who is. We witnessed a blistering set from the Houston Rockers that not only ended with a (hi ho) silver lining but also literally icing on the cake as Jeff Beck guested on his 71st birthday (see Video Of The Day)!

Read the rest of AJ’s review tomorrow plus a new Thunder vid!


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