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Harem Scarem United 8/5/17

Canadian Melodic Hard Rockers Harem Scarem reunited in 2013 to make ‘Mood Swings II’, a 20th anniversary re-recording of their acclaimed second album that also included three new songs that showed off a renewed musical vigour and band chemistry. This was further displayed on ‘Thirteen’ the following year, which was a definitive return to the sound that put them on the map two decades earlier. The brand new ‘United’, due to be released this Friday 12th May, now offers up 11 slabs of trademark Harem Scarem music and proves that the band is stronger than ever. They make it clear they still have something to say right from the off with the title track, a chunky slice of guitar-driven Melodic Rock nirvana that kicks off their strongest studio outing in aeons. From there, the album really takes off via a series of well-crafted songs featuring big choruses, swaggering riffs and simple yet addictive hooks to die for. Each one carries a Power-Rock packed punch, with mainmen Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance showing the Rock world that their partnership still works and that they are indeed still ‘United’.