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Hard Rock Hell XIV Day 3 Review 9/11/21

"Keeping us on stage 1 are Nitroville, a London based 5 piece who had performed an acoustic set earlier in the day. Fronted by songstress Tola Lamont (who apparently had forgotten to pack bassist pedals), the twin Les Paul outfit also derive from a Southern Rock heritage, like the Sons Of Liberty before them. But Tola and Cookley are very different kettles of creole with Lamont having strong yet sensual vocals. It would be great to see those two do a duet. They open with 'Apophis 2029', the song named after the asteroid that is due to hit this planet and the year. It had better not hit anywhere near London as it will have a formidable Ms Lamont to deal with."

Today we have Mother's third and final review of Day 3 at Hard Rock Hell XIV that concluded at Camp HRH in Great Yarmouth on Saturday night, plus check out our Tigertailz Video Of The Day.

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