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Hard Rock Hell XII Wins Best Festival 2/1/19

"So for the last time, we head back to our accommodation with the bands of the day still ringing in our head. Mainly the Daisies 'Last Time I Saw The Sun' which seemed to sum up the weather. And the Daisies 'Long Way To Go' when i thought about the journey home again. But it has been worth it. It has been another triumph for the HRH team. So goodbye Pwllhelli, and thanks for all the great memories over the last six years. Now lets see what Great Yarmouth has to offer. With Dee Snider, Michael Monroe, Buckcherry, Gun and Toseland already named, amongst others, it looks like it will be a blast." That was part of our take on this year's Hard Rock Hell XII, and suffice to say that in our 2018 WRC Awards, HRH has walked away with our 'Best Festival' award. Also check out our Myke Gray Video Of The Day.

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