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Hard Rock Hell Day 2 Review 7/11/21

"And a big shout out to the many bar staff who cheerfully distribute the elixir of life in an efficient way with as little waiting time as possible. Although many punters were happy to camp around the bars and drink at leisure, whilst catching up with friends old and new rather than heading down to the mosh pit. It's a warm friendly environment, full of good feeling and good cheer, that I had forgotten how much I miss. After a long spell of isolation, it's good to be surrounded by familiar faces, sounds and smells. I'm back home again."

Like London buses, you wait ages for one, and then two Mother reviews come along at once, with his great take on Day 2 of Hard Rock Hell from Great Yarmouth, that took place on Friday night, plus check out ourPhil Campbell and the Bastard Sons Video Of The Day.


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