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Happiness Is Mine 26/9/20

'Revelino' will be released on vinyl on Friday 9th October – 26 years to the week since the original release date of their eponymous debut album, of which the lead single, 'Happiness Is Mine' is today's Video Of The Day. At that time, the album received rave reviews, and now it has now been remastered with a bonus six-track EP featuring a remixed 'Happiness Is Mine'. The remaing tracks are five previously unreleased songs including 'Try It On' and 'Ennio' (a timely rediscovery following maestro Ennio Morricone’s recent passing), originally outtakes from album, that have been remixed. 'The Only One Alive' and 'Little Bird' are demos that have been salvaged and remastered from cassette, and 'Place In The Sun' features the band’s much-missed departed friend Gavin Ralston.

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