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Hank Marvin Gold 29/6/19

Guitar legend Hank Marvin's album 'Gold', released yesterday, focuses on his solo career, from his eponymous 1969 debut album through to his most recent Top-Ten hit 'Without A Word' in 2017. Hank is joined on this collection by guest appearances from Cliff Richard, Brian May and Duane Eddy, and he duets with Mark Knopfler on re-recordings of two of the classic hits Hank made famous with his group The Shadows. Marvin may have been a Shadow for more than three decades but today he stands under his own spotlight having recorded a sustained series of solo albums. His metallic echoed picking on a red Fender Stratocaster - with generous employment of tremolo arm - is often regarded as the sound that inspired numerous guitar heroes. More than sixty years on from when he started, Hank B. Marvin (Today's Track Of The Day) is assured his place in British music history.

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