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Hands Off Gretel Nambucca Review 2/4/19

"The lyrical content of their songs are self -confessional and packed with raw emotion as you would expect from this genre. This gives the album a self-cathartic feel, but I would be interested to see if Tate could make more political/satirical observations about the world around her, which may develop in later material. Musically, the bassist, Becky Baldwin has a punchy urgency in her playing and an animated stage presence characterised by a swirl of head-banging hair. At one point the band break into a rendition of the Stooges ‘I Want to Be your Dog’ which kicks off an impromptu mosh-pit, and it’s palpably clear that the energy on stage has permeated into the room."

Read the whole of Ivan De Mello's Hands Off Gretel, Nambucca, London, gig review from last Thursday here plus check out today's Video Of The Day.

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