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Hammersmith Communion Tonight 4/1/18

"However, BCC's strength is that their sound is fixed firmly in the mid 70s, and so their songs already sound classic. And so as the band rattle through tracks from both of their albums, the crowd devours them as if they've always been there, with each solo greeted by a huge cheer, the choruses sung loudly and the fists raised at all the right moments. A spectacular 'Song Of Yesterday', a blistering 'One Last Soul', a beautiful 'Save Me' and a breakneck rendition of 'The Outsider' are particularly noteworthy in a set full to the brim with highlights." That was part our take on Black Country Communion way back in July 2011 at London's High Voltage (pictured) and the boys are back in town tonight at Hammersmith's Eventim Apollo!

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