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Hackett Revisited 6/2/21

Given iconic guitarist Steve Hackett's new acoustic album, 'Under A Mediterranean Sky', and his forthcoming Genesis Revisited tour in September, today's Podcast Of The Day turns the clock back just over two years ago, when we not only had the pleasure of attending the premiere of his latest album, 'Under The Eye Of The Sun' (pictured), but also the opportunity the following day to interview Steve. Listen as we discuss the album's international cast, Prog Magazine's praise, its political/symbolic message and his wife Jo's valuable contribution plus 'Voyage Of The Acolyte', Brexit, video production, his Polish ancestry, fear of clowns, ballet, cross-dressing, Chris Squire, Westerns, Yes, Genesis, Tchaicovsky, Holst, Ravel, school gymnastics, Jeff Beck, Sunday night at the London Palladium, pantomimes, Cliff Richard & The Shadows and his then forthcoming tour.


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