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H.E.A.T May 2020 UK Tour 28/11/19

Swedish Hard Rock sensation H.E.A.T (Video Of The Day) will play three exclusive UK shows in May next year including London's Garage on Friday 29th, along with British Rock band VEGA, award winning band Mason Hill and 4-piece Collateral. H.E.A.T will also next year release their brand-new album 'H.E.A.T II' on Friday 21st, the first to be produced entirely by the band - with Jona Tee (keyboards) and Dave Dalone (guitar) as producers. Also featuring Erik Grönwall - vocals, Jimmy Jay - bass and Don Crash - drums, the album goes back to the band’s beginnings, redefining the raw H.E.A.T sound – a sound that oozes Classic Rock coolness paired with the snotty confidence of one of Rock and Roll’s most talented bands today.

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