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Gypsy's Crazed Kiss 20/4/20

Iron Maiden Legacy band Gypsy’s Kiss will release their EP, ‘Heat Crazed Vole: Re-tailed’, on Friday 1st May through Roulette Records and digitally distributed worldwide by Cargo Distribution, of which the title track is today's Track Of The Day. Maiden founder/bassist Steve Harris and David Smith were founder members of Gypsy’s Kiss and in April 1974 they had their first paying gig at the Cart and Horses, Stratford, when they were orginally named Influence. Smith had been asked to reform the band many times over the years and finally did so for a charity festival in March 2018. The reaction from the Maiden Family and audience was so incredible that they decided to continue recording and playing. This EP was originally self-released in 2019 but has since been remastered and now contains new tracks ‘Settle the Score’ and, radio single ‘Don’t Ask the Question’, that both signal a change in direction for the revived Gypsy’s Kiss, moving to a more modern sound whilst staying true to their 70's Classic Rock heritage.

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