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GT's Boos Band 10/10/16

"As suggested the first five tracks are all completely different in nature. ‘Seven Questions’ opens the album with its in your face road Blues with excellent guitar breaks which then leads into ‘High and Dry’ with it’s choppy, funky guitar licks and heartfelt vocals. Next up is ‘Amsterdam’ which is probably my favourite track on the album with a 70’s Prog feel – the song has lots of different moods and the guitar solos are very reminiscent of our old friend Tony Hands from Tea for the Wicked – great stuff!! Follow that with a traditional Blues offering ‘Baby Stop Your Crying’ and a wonderful acoustic track in ‘Walk My Path’ and you have the eclectic full house – ‘Walk My Path’ has a very Joe Bonamassa feel to it as heard on ‘Black Rock’."

Read the rest of Col's (aka Wrinkly's) GT's Boos Band latest CD review here plus check out our Vid Of The Day.

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