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Great Affairs Alright 18/2/21

After delivering their latest LP ‘Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt’ in late 2020, The Great Affairs return with today's Video Of The Day, for the freshly remixed opening number from that opus, 'I’m Alright', the first studio track to feature new guitarist Corey “Rizzo” Rozzoni. A sardonic lyrical “kiss-off”, I’m Alright' brings together all of the band’s signature elements into one compact, 4-minute dose: earworm melodies, dueling guitars, lush vocal harmonies, and the crack rhythm section keeping these proceedings from careening off the rails. Following on from 2018's 'Ten & 2', that pursued a more muscular, guitar-heavy sound, a handful of singles, and frontman Denny Smith’s second solo LP ‘From The Dark’ in 2019, the band, also consisting of Matt Andersen - bass, vocals and Kenny Wright - vocals, drums, percussion, made use of last year’s unfortunate circumstances, while logistically problematic at times, resulted in some unique collaborations, and what is arguably their most polished release to date.


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