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Gravehuffer Interview 20/1/21

Gravehuffer joins today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to play and talk about their new record, 'NecroEclosion', plus take questions from Zach's live audience. There's also new music from Chris Maragoth featuring Neun, Serpent Lord (GR), Haymaker, Unfleshed, Nick Hans, Phantom Hound, Miss Lava, Breaths, Breath, Speed Stroke, Calibre, Maudiir, Aska, Vella, Ravenoir, Upon Creation, Profaned, Torn Fabriks, Under A Spell, Hertz Kankarok, A Ritual Spirit, Amvyx, Immortalizer, Luciferianometh, SixStringNoise, Starscape, The Airwaves, The Sullen, The Uneven and Victorious! Zach also play some classics from Ministry and Rock N Roll Villain Society!


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