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Graham Bonnet/Doomsday Outlaw Review 26/8/18

"Another fine track from 'The Book' album, 'Into The Night', punched good weight! Then we got a Kurt James guitar solo where he was allowed to indulge in some clever fret noodling, including the Hendrix trick of playing the guitar behind one’s head and with one’s teeth, before 'Long Island Tea', the first and only song to be aired from the new album, ‘Meanwhile, Back In The Garage’. It is a good track, but the album has several better songs on it, some tasty keys from Waldo though. The epic and enthralling Michael Schenker Group track ‘Assault Attack’, from the 'Assault Attack' album, rattled on like a steam train!"

Today read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's The Graham Bonnet Band and Doomsday Outlaw Underworld review from Wednesday night here, plus check out our Photo Gallery here.

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