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Gorilla Riot Interview 11/10/21

"Back to the Rising Stage and for me, possibly the find of the festival. Gorilla Riot are a 5 piece bundle of excitement from Manchester reminiscent of early GnR although with a strong vein of Blues flowing through them. With three guitars (steady Mother! – two Les Paul's and an SG) they make a big sound and frontman Arjun Bhishma made a big impact on the clearly supportive audience. The set went from hard rocking to groove Rock with hypnotic beats. Lead guitarist Liam Henry on the SG produced some fine work without being overbearing. Again we have proof that young guitar Rock is alive and flourishing." That was part of our glowing Gorilla Riot Ramblin' Man Fair review back in July 2018 and we were lucky enough to interview band members Liam and Degsy in the Press Area after their set, which is today's Podcast Of The Day.

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