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Good Riddance 2020! 16/12/20

Legendary Australian rockers Taste have released today's Video Of The Day for '2020's Gone', the new single from their upcoming EP, 'Brothers Vol. 1', that will be available worldwide on Wednesday 23rd December. Written as an anthem to kick this year's arse and say "good riddance 2020", Ken Murdoch (vocals), Michael Tortoni (bass) and Joey Amenta (guitar), are hoping to create a universal response at 12.01am on Friday 1st January 2021 by encouraging all media and musicians to join them in playing '2020's Gone' through whatever outlet is available to you! 'Brothers Vol. 1' is an EP for our times, but steeped in the wide-screen colours of a more Progressive era. Real strings. Layers of percussion. Walls of harmony. Crafted segues, dramatic timing shifts and a vast, unified vision that befits the grandeur of its title. The band is a potpourri of Queen, Muse and 10cc. Harmonies, guitars and souring vocals abound!


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